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Ready to Invest in Your Future?

We want to help support you and your career at LEB, and that's why we offer our unlicensed agents an opportunity to receive full reimbursement for getting started and joining our team!

Adult Students

Did You Say Full Reimbursement?!

Yes! You read that right. We are so confident in your success at LEB Insurance Group that we are willing to provide a full reimbursement* for the following:


Pre-Licensing Course

Most states require a pre-licensing course. This can be taken online through our partner ExamFX. We will provide you with a company code for a course discount. You must be able to attend (1) live online health and life training held on Mondays and Tuesdays from 10 am - 5 pm CT.

Estimated cost: $159 (with company discount code)

View pre-licensing requirements for your state here.


State Exam

After completing the pre-licensing requirements for your state, your next step is to schedule your official licensing exam. You will need to go to a testing site at a scheduled time to take the test. Proof of completed pre-licensing training may be required before taking the exam.

Estimated cost: Varies by state

Contact your state's Department of Insurance for requirements. 


Background Check & Fingerprinting

Upon passing your state licensing exam, you will have to submit all required licensing applications to your state licensing department. Most states require a background check that may involve fingerprints. 


Resident Licensing

You must obtain your Life and Accident & Health license to sell products at LEB and get contracted with carriers. Once you've obtained a resident license, you can apply for non-resident licenses if you'd like to sell in other states as well.

Estimated cost: Varies by state

View state-specific licensing requirements and costs here.

Now What...?
Your Next Steps

This completes your licensing requirements to begin selling insurance products. Next, we will get you appointed with LEB Insurance Group and our core carriers. Our Contracting Department will be able to guide you through this process. You will also be required to obtain Errors and Ommissions (E&O) insurance coverage, for which we can provide a discount option. As soon as that's complete, you will be required to attend one full week of New Agent Training where you learn about products, selling, and building a book of business. 

LEB Insurance Group offers ongoing, daily training opportunities after graduation from New Agent Training to continue to refine your skills and knowledge of the insurance industry.

As you grow with LEB, you will have the ability to earn bonuses throughout your career.

View our available bonus programs here.

*Full reimbursement is provided upon submitting 10 qualifying sales at LEB Insurance Group. Receipts for all requested reimbursements must be submitted to the LEB Commissions Department in order to receive full reimbursement. Reimbursement applies to the following fees: pre-licensing exam, state exam, background check, fingerprinting, and initial resident licensing. We do not reimburse for the initial or renewal of non-resident licensing, initial or renewal of resident licensing, or carrier appointment fees. 

Benefits of Being a LEB Agent

We support you and your career because we want you to succeed. At LEB, you have access to all of the tools and resources that you need in this competitive industry. 

  • Sell independently (non-captive) without restrictions/limitations

  • Expert support team for commissions, contracting, marketing, and tech

  • Dedicated mentorship from skilled professionals

  • Ongoing, daily product and sales training opportunities

  • Exclusive lead and referral programs 

  • Rewarding bonuses and incentives

  • TopBroker CRM (free to LEB agents)

The Team

We're Committed to You!

It's important to us that you know what you're doing and you feel confident doing it! At LEB, you have an entire team of experts to guide you along the way.  

Meet your dedicated support team:

Mike Leb edit.jpg

Michael Leb

CEO, Founder

SARAH LEB PIC - Copy.jpg

Sarah Leb

Founder, Lead Agent

Steven Marino.jpg

Steven Marino

VP of Individual

Health & Life

Jim Novak (1).jpg

Jim Novak

Sales & Training Consultant

Pete Wills lrg new photo.jpg

Pete Wills

Medicare Sales Director

Adam Billeb.jpg

Adam Billeb

Group Benefits Director


Eric Leb

Commissions Director


Becky Nitschke

Contracting Director


Brooke Ring

Technology Director


Kaitlyn Czoschke

Creative Director


Sydney Swatloski

Talent Director

Wadea Mohr.jpg

Wadea Poss

Commissions Analyst

Katie Davies.jpg

Katie Davies

Technology Coordinator

Roxanne Abler.jpg

Roxanne Abler

Marketing Coordinator

Hannah Horst.jpg

Hannah Horst

Group Benefits Coordinator

Cole Jacquin.jpg

Cole Jacquin

Employee Benefits Director


What You Need to Know About
Being an Insurance Agent at LEB

Do I need to be licensed before I apply?

No - However, you must be licensed before you can start selling. Our recruiting and contracting team will be there to guide you through the entire process!

What lines of authority do I need to be a licensed insurance agent?

You must be licensed in life and health/accident insurance. These licenses are required for selling life insurance, annuities, Medicare, health insurance, long-term care, and related products.

What is the career path?

Each agent has the opportunity to build a career that suits their lifestyle. We have built a four-level structure to give agents the framework and direction they need to meet their goals. Our team always has your back no matter what stage you're in!

Is this a remote position?

Our agents are 100% remote and work from the comfort of their homes - or wherever they see fit! 

What does the licensing process look like?

Step 1: Complete pre-licensing requirements (varies by state)

Step 2: Complete the criminal background check and fingerprinting

Step 3: Schedule and pass your licensing exam

Step 4: Apply for your resident state license

Step 5: Get contracted with insurance carriers

Step 6: Attend new agent training

What happens when I complete licensing or am already licensed?

Once you're licensed and contracted with our core carriers, you will be required to attend one week of New Agent Training. During this training, you will learn about products, our CRM system, how we sell, and much more! After graduating from New Agent Training, you will be invited to attend any of our recurring training opportunities. It is our goal to make sure you have all the resources and tools you need to be successful in this industry.

How do I get paid?

Be in control of your paycheck! This position is 100% commission-based and provides unlimited earning potential. We offer numerous lead programs and provide the opportunity to earn significant bonuses throughout your career. Our most successful agents make a majority of their income off of renewals and referrals!

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