Agent Levels
& Lead Programs

Agency Levels

Bonus Structure

Lead Programs

Agency Levels


Weekly Producers

9 Applications = $100 Bonus

12 Applications = $200 Bonus

15 Applications = $300 Bonus

*Must be within 12 months of contracting


40 Applications Issued Within (3) Months

$500 Bonus + $500 Lead Credits

Additional Carrier Bonuses

Subject to Carrier Programs

Million Dollar Career Producer

$10,000 Bonus 

*One time only

Annual Partnership

Eligible to participate in the company's revenue share

Programs are subject to change.

All promotions are based on your Career HST Net Annualized Premium achieved.

NAP is a calculation of your issued and paid premiums with HST carriers.


*This number is calculated monthly, and certain products are weighted heavier than others.*

For a complete list of current NAP factors click here.